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All the colours of the Rainbow! (so long as its on the list)

My paint boxes are available in a painted finish as well as polished brass.

The paint process takes a bit of time and adds about two weeks to the overall delivery time,

this is mainly due to the drying time between coats of paint.

The inside has one coat of etch primer, one coat of white primer and then two final coats of matt white finish. I use the mat finish as I find the watercolour behaves better on the matt surface.

The outside has two coats of etch primer each to top and bottom faces and then three coats of the finish colour you choose for your box, again the box needs top and bottom faces to be painted. I usually allow 24hours between coats unless its been hot and dry which speeds this up.

I say all the colours of the rainbow, however it seems that we are a fairly conservative bunch as I have made lots of black and royal blue boxes! But some of you are a bit more adventurous with Candy pink and Mediterranean Blue as examples.

So its any colour so long as the paint is available , check out the colour range on my web site and brighten up your studio with a nice brightly coloured brass watercolour palette.


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