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Since 2017, Jim Morgan has been making his own version of the "Roberson" paintbox.

The impetus to make these boxes came about after spending a week with Alvaro Castagnet learning loose watercolour techniques from the maestro. I noticed that Alvaro's metal box kept his paints in great condition from day to day. They stayed soft and fresh as though straight from the tube. It became apparent that that was down to the fact that this was a metal paintbox and it sealed well and prevented the paint from drying out.

I decided that I needed one of these handmade paint boxes! Searching the internet for a supplier of the boxes  it became clear that they were available but that there was at least a twelve month wait. Impatient as I am, I decided to make to make a couple for myself.

The rest is history as they say, my boxes created interest from my painting colleagues who kept asking if i would make them one too, so here we are!

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I currently offer one size of box, however the paint well layout, the fold out side mixing trays and the main twin well fold out mixing tray can be customised from a variety of options to suit your own style of painting

All of the boxes are handmade to order, so it is your box that is being pressed from 0.5mm brass and soldered together, finally to be hand polished before sending by post just enjoy the anticipation it won't be long!

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